2019 Hi-End Munich

The ability to merge tasteful design with truly impressive music focused voicing revealed itself as today’s greatest strength. This full care package potently showcased that sanely priced compact mainstream audio hardware can sing as good as it looks. Yes, very. If you’re after such a product, then soundgil Cube is the one to get familiar with pronto. ‘Till next time!


SOUNDGIL Cube by Dawid Grzyb from HIFI KNIGHTS


The middles convinced us absolutely in the test. They are really balanced and full of what not every loudspeaker can offer for a long time. Here it becomes clear that the manufacturer wants to focus above all on a balanced sound image, which in our opinion is good for the Cube.
Even at high altitudes, the loudspeakers remain sovereign. Voices and instruments are well reproduced and become very recognizable. The Soundgil device does not afford weaknesses.


Soundgil Cube 2.1 Review: Compact Speaker Set For Audiophiles


Here, I must say, the set up was reduced to its simplest expression, the cubes were on a display stand, a USB drive in the back of the central unit and that's it.


Yet there was something inexplicable that made the sound catch you. We got closer and there were qualities that we had not found in some larger and more ambitious systems in the previously visited rooms. A very detailed, direct sound, able to create a bubble in which it is quite simple to be immersed. We had to look at it more closely.


SOUNDGIL Cube by Marc from 6 moons


L’ascolto è stato condotto collegando le CUBE a un PC utilizzando i cavi forniti in dotazione e utilizzando file .flac, il primo impatto è proprio come non ti aspetti… Un suono pieno e corposo, per nulla freddo, molto dettagliato e leggermente frizzantino in gamma alta, insomma al primo impatto si sgranano gli occhi, come fanno a suonare così? Ci si chiede.
Le voci sono riprodotte in modo credibile e il tappeto strumentale, sia ascoltando brani di musica leggera, sia di musica classica, è sempre ben articolato e ricco di armoniche.
Il processore DSP delle Soundgil fa davvero un ottimo lavoro e permette ai piccoli altoparlanti di estendersi qualche ottava in più di quanto la loro fisicità consenta, così i satelliti riescono a riprodurre una gamma alta credibile e l’unità bassi riesce a rinforzare quanto basta l’estremo inferiore della gamma per rendere l’ascolto piacevole ed emozionale.


Soundgil CUBE 2.1 – Stile e sostanza


Ces show 2019 01/8-11

SOUNDGIL Cube by Marc from Audiophile-Magazine

Là je dois dire que le setup était réduit à sa plus simple expression, les cubes posés sur un présentoir, une clé USB à l’arrière de l’unité centrale et voilà. 


Pourtant il y avait quelque chose d’inexplicable qui fait que le son vous attrape. Nous nous sommes rapprochés et il y avait des qualités que nous n’avions pas retrouvé avec certains systèmes plus grands et ambitieux dans les salles précédemment visitées. Un son direct, bien détaillé et capable de créer une bulle dans laquelle il est tout à fait simple de se trouver immergé. Il fallait regarder cela de plus près. 



Großer Klang auf kleinstem Raum, hervorragende Haptik und eine interessante Optik: Mit dem Cube liefert Soundgil den Beweis, dass guter Klang auch ohne große Volumen möglich ist und man dazu die Physik noch nicht einmal gesetzeswidrig missbrauchen muss. Dem Einsatz von ordentlichen Breitband-Chassis und einem extrem verwindungssteifen Korpus sei es gedankt, dass die Gesamtlösung genauso gut klingt, wie sie aussieht.


SOUNDGIL CUBE 2.1 Review - Hi-Fi on the smallest space by IgorsLAB from Tom's HARDWARE


2018 Hi-End Munich

SOUNDGIL Cube by Tomasz Karasiński from StereoLife

Dedykowana aplikacja daje nam dostęp do dwóch ciekawych opcji pozwalających dostosować charakter brzmienia do ustawienia głośników i naszych preferencji. Możemy wybrać tryb pracy w wolnej przestrzeni lub w pobliżu ściany (a dokładnie w narożniku) oraz zwiększyć ilość niskich tonów.




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