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A Sphere in Perfect Balance

 The SOUNDGIL CUBE’s austere veneer finish matches the gentle sound found inside, Bright, not muddy, Mellow, not overbearing.
High-Fidelity Sound Reproduction 
To satisfy even the most demanding sound connoisseur 
obsessed with balance and purity of signal.


“The world is infinitely full of beauty words can never describe.”

 The pursuit of the pure and impeccable
brings a refined texture of natural minerals 
carved using cold-forging technology to maximize visual impact.
Low-key and minimalist to highlight your extraordinary palate.


“A minimal approach in

  defiance of a world infatuated with          artificial complexity.”

Traditional speakers loom and dominate your space
with complicated accessories that easily tangle or are lost.
And then there’s the overly complicated setup that feels like a workout 
Since when does being a music aficionado require so much sweat? 
Within simplicity lies peace and pleasure.
You are one step away from HiFi heaven.

So pass the drinks, what tastes great will present itself.

Relax and unwind as the surround sound gradually softens,
Releasing a unique warmth and sensuality.
Over time, the natural feel of the sound will grow and grow
As the more you use it, the better the SOUNDGIL CUBE performs.

High Fidelity does not tolerate compromise. What is rare may not return again.

This classic masterpiece is waiting.
Here’s your invitation



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Sunny Sung


mobile:+49(0)176 3216 8096

Address:Adalbert-Stifter-Ring 78,  86415 Mering. St.Afra.Germany


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